Moving From Standalone Pilot to Production

To move from a pilot of Recast Privilege Manager to production, you'll need to update your licensing and verify management rules and the client deployment.


Before updating your Privilege Manager licensing, request new licenses from Recast Software and specify the required number of client asset licenses (CAL).

To update your Privilege Manager licensing:

  1. In your Privilege Manager Portal, navigate to Settings > Licenses.
  2. In the navigation panel, click Load server license and follow the instructions to load the server license file (file name has 'Database' in the middle)
  3. In the Client Access Licenses section, click the Load License icon and follow the instructions to load the CAL license file (file name has 'CAL' in the middle)

Management rules

If you have targeted your management rules to pilot devices only, then move (create new and remove old) pilot rules to locations that affect all desired devices. As a best practice, you should use domain and OU management rules for on-premises AD devices, group rules for Azure AD devices and category rules for WORKGROUP devices.

Client deployment

If you are using an automated deployment of Privilege Manager clients, verify that client deployment will be changed so that it targets all required devices.