Menu Items Missing from RMS webpage

How it Presents Itself

Why this is Happening

This issue is caused by the inability to authenticate properly to the RMS SQL DB.

How to Resolve the Issue

When you first log into the Recast Management Server (RMS), it will try to use your Windows credentials to log into the webpage. If you installed RMS with a different account than is signed into windows, this can cause it not to authenticate properly. Open a private browser and navigate to the RMS webpage. It will prompt for a username and password. Make sure to sign in with the same user account that ran the RMS installer. 


After you are authenticated successfully, you should see the RMS interface. Navigate to permissions and make sure you see “Administrators” underneath the Recast Roles section.


If you are unable to use the installation username to run the browser, you can alternatively add your currently logged in username to the local group on the computer where you installed RMS called “Recast Administrators.” After you add your username to that local group and refresh your browser, the Recast Management Server should allow you to log in using that username and should show the Administrators group (and you will know you are authenticated successfully.)

Local Group

If you are already logging in with that user and it still doesn’t show Administrators in the Recast Roles section, you should open the IIS manager on the Recast Management Server and recycle the app pool.

IIS app Pool

Once you have been successfully logged into RMS, you should add any users that you want to be able to log in to the server under the “Recast Users” section. Make sure they are assigned to a role that has at least some Administration privileges so they are able to use the Recast Management Server console.