Recast Management Login Troubleshooting

I can’t add users/groups to the Recast Management Server

When you first log into the Management Server, it should prompt for a username and password.


After you are authenticated successfully, you should see the Management Server interface and you should also see “Administrators” underneath the Recast Roles section.


If you are not presented with a login prompt and/or you do not see Administrators under Recast Roles, you were not authenticated successfully and will not be able to add users/group. We are working on better error reporting when a user is not authenticated successfully, but that will be coming in future versions.

I’m not being authenticated successfully, what should I do next?

When you open the Management server, you should log in with a browser that is running as the same username as the username that ran the original Recast Management Server Install. By default the Management Server is set up to allow that user to log in. If you are already logging in with that user and it still doesn’t show Administrators in the Recast Roles section, you should open the iis manager on the Management Server computer and recycle the app pool.

IIS app Pool

When you reload the web page it should allow you to login and enter the management server successfully. If it still doesn’t we have seen that a restart is required in a few cases to get everything up and running.

If you are unable to use the installation username to run the browser, you can alternatively add your currently logged in username to the local group on the computer where you installed RMS called “Recast Administrators.” After you add your username to that local group and refresh your browser, the Recast Management Server should allow you to log in using that username and should show the Administrators group (and you will know you are authenticated successfully.)

Local Group

Once you have been successfully logged into the Management Server, you should add any users that you want to be able to log in to the server under the “Recast Users” section. Make sure they are assigned to a role that has at least some Administration privileges so they are able to use the Recast Management Server console.