Kiosk Manager

Kiosk Manager is a collection of tools and configurations to customize and deploy single-purpose devices. Common use cases include kiosks, testing machines, digital signage, and shared workspace machines. This is achieved by creating Kiosk Manager Profiles, which are a saved collection of those settings and configurations that are then deployed out to the device or collection to achieve the desired state.

Kiosk Manager is available with a Right Click Tools Enterprise account. 

NOTE: This tool completes this action using remote WMI.


Navigate to the Kiosk Manager by right clicking on a device or device collection > Recast RCT > Kiosk Manager:

Kiosk Manager Navigation

Manage Profiles

The Manage Profiles menu allows users to create a set of saved configurations. The buttons above the profiles menu allow users to create a new profile, delete an existing profile and copy, import and export existing profiles.

Kiosk Manager Manage Profiles ScreenShot

Selected Configurations

This screen allows users to choose which tools and configurations will be included in their profile. These configurations will be customized in upcoming steps based on what is selected. Individual configurations can be included by checking the appropriate checkboxes.

Kiosk Manager Manage Configurations ScreenShot

Automatic Login

Configure computers to login as a particular user account each time the device reboots. It is enabled by the Enable AutoLogin checkbox - if this is not checked, no changes related to automatic login are applied to the machine. If enabled, Lab Manager will store the password in the LSA Secure store of the device and make the appropriate registry changes. The Test Login button allows you to verify that the login credentials are valid. In the Advanced menu, there is an option for limiting the number of times the user account will automatically login to a particular device. Once this limit has been hit, the device will no longer login as the user on reboot. If the Limit Login Count is not checked, the device will login an unlimited number of times.

Kiosk Manager Automatic Login Screenshot

Replace Shell

The Replace Shell step replaces the Windows desktop with one or more auto-launched applications. Apps are launched for all users. You can pick from UWP applications, common web browsers, or any custom applications you want.

The internet browsers provide the option of launching a specific URL, launching the browser in a full screen kiosk mode (not supported by Firefox), and an option to launch the browser in private mode, ensuring no user state is saved from the browsing session. Additionally, there is the option of specifying a custom shell to launch. All shell replacements have the option of delaying the launch of the shell. This is useful for scenarios where the shell needs to wait for network connectivity before it is launched.

Kiosk Manager Replace Shell Screenshot

Restart on Idle

Reboot the device if there has been no mouse or keyboard input for a specified number of minutes. If "Do not restart on idle" is selected, the Lab Manager will make no changes to the device. If "Restart on idle for Autologin user" is selected, the device will reboot if the Autologin user is signed in and that session has not had any mouse or keyboard input for the specified number of minutes. If "Restart on idle for all users" is selected, the device will restart if any user has logged in and left the mouse and keyboard idle for the specified number of minutes.

Kiosk Manager Restart on Idle Screenshot

Delete Files / Folders on Restart

Wipe files on reboot. There are a number of built-in options for deleting specific Autologin user folders, including Autologin Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Temp, and Videos. The Autologin user folder is determined at every login to the device, so the deletion should be immune to any user profile issues. There is also the option of providing a custom path to delete on reboot. Wildcards are accepted when specifying a custom location. If no files or folders have been added, this feature will not make changes to the device.

Kiosk Manager Delete Files / Folders on Restart Screenshot

Internet URL Whitelist

Set up an invalid proxy for all websites except those in the white list. This feature will work for default installations of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. A Pearson profile is provided for quickly adding all of the Pearson testing URLs. Custom URLs can be added as well, and wildcards are available when specifying URLs. When a user attempts to access a web page that is not on the white list, they will receive a message stating that the proxy server is not responding. If Enable URL Whitelist is unchecked, this feature will not make changes to the device.

Kiosk Manager Internet URL Whitelist Screenshot

Disable Keyboard Keys

Prevent particular keys from functioning for all users of the system. This is particularly useful when replacing the shell as a way of denying access to the Control + Alt + Delete screen. When a key is disabled, it is filtered at the driver level. If no key shave been added to the list. this feature will not make any changes to the device.

Kiosk Manager Disable Keyboard Keys Screenshot

Audio Configuration

Control the master volume level of a device. This is useful in testing scenarios to avoid distractions during a test, or in kiosk scenarios to make sure users can hear the device. This volume level is applied for any user that signs in to the device.

Kiosk Manager Audio Configuration Screenshot

Apply Profile

The Apply Profile Menu allows users to select a profile for deployment.

Kiosk Manager Apply Profile ScreenShot

Schedule Deployment

Once a profile has been selected, users can either deploy a profile immediately or schedule a future deployment date.

Kiosk Manager Schedule Deployment ScreenShot

  • Once a profile has been deployed, the following dialog box will show the status of the deployment:

Applied Profile Status

The Applied Profile Status Tool shows which profiles have been applied.

Remove Profiles

The Remove Profile Status Tool allows users to immediately remove deployed Kiosk Manager Profiles or set a scheduled removal date.

Kiosk Manager Remove Profiles ScreenShot

Scheduled Tasks

The Scheduled Tasks Tool shows which Kiosk Manager Profiles are scheduled for deployment.

Scheduled Task Results

The Scheduled Tasks Results Tool shows the status (Successful or Unsuccessful) of each previously applied Kiosk Manager Profile.

Learn more about Kiosk Manager here.