Install Right Click Tools

  1. Close all open ConfigMgr consoles on your chosen computer. Then double click on the installer .msi to install. The installer will open and you should click "Next" to continue. 
  2. In the screen that follows select the Recast RCT Enterprise Standalone Version. 
  3. Enter the Server name that hosts the Recast Management Server. If you are using a port other than 444 for the Recast Management Server change the Server Port. Hit "Test Connection" to verify the information is correct and you can connect to the server. Click install to finish the installation.
  4. To verify that your Right Click Tools have installed correctly, open the ConfigMgr console on the computer where you just installed Right Click Tools. Click on the Recast node on the left hand side of the screen. On the right side of the resulting screen it should show the Right Click Tools version, the Enterprise License box should be checked and Remote Server Status will be connected. 
  5. You are now ready for Step 7: Try Some Right Click Tools Actions