Covers the installation of Recast Management Server with and without a Recast Proxy. This section also includes information on SQL Server Permissions and Configuration Manager Fast Channel.


 Installing Recast Management Server
An installation guide for Recast Software's Right Click Tools with Recast Management Server.
 Installing Recast Management Server with Recast Proxy
This is an installation guide for Recast Software's Right Click Tools Enterprise with Recast Management Server and a Proxy.
Installing Recast Proxy Separately
How to install recast proxy
Configuring SQL Server Permissions
This is information around the SQL Server configurations and permissions needed to successfully set up your Recast Management Server.
Configuring ConfigMgr Fast Channel Support
Recast ConfigMgr Fast Channel support was added in version 4.2.2004 of Right Click Tools and Recast Management Server. Fast Channel Support requires a script to be installed in your ConfigMgr console, and requires a WMI provider to be installed on t...
Recast Management Server Onboarding FAQs
How do I install and configure the Recast Management Server?  You can find instructions here: Installing Recast Management Server Post RMS-Install Configurations (for Right Click Tools only) Post Install RMS Configurations (for Endp...