Install Shift Left

To install Shift Left, you'll need to download the Shift Left application from ServiceNow and then install the Shift Left MID Server Component.

For a video about these installation steps, see Shift Left Installation Walk-Through on Recast Software's YouTube channel.

Download the Shift Left Application from the ServiceNow Store

Click here to open the Shift Left application page in the ServiceNow store.

Install the Shift Left MID Server Component

NOTE: You need to be on the MID Server when downloading the MID Server Component, or move the downloaded installer file to the MID Server and install from there.

To download and install the MID Server Component on your ServiceNow MID Server:

1. Download the Shift Left MID Server Component from the Recast Portal.

NOTE: Previous MID Server Component versions can be found under Resources > Archived Releases.

2. Run the MID Server Component installer.

3. When the Setup Wizard opens, click Next.

4. In the Import License window, enter your Recast Portal Email address and Password and click Download License. The license expiration and user count will appear if the retrieval was successful. 

NOTE: If the computer where you are installing the component does not have internet access, click Browse for License to find the license file exported from the Portal.

5. Click Install.

6. Once the installation completes, click Finish to exit the Setup Wizard.

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