Collecting Warranty Information with Endpoint Insights

The Recast Proxy collects manufacturer, models, serial numbers, and bios dates from your ConfigMgr database. This information is sent to our Recast API, which normalizes the data and sends it to manufacturer APIs. The information returned to our API is then normalized again and sent to your Recast Management Server.

Requirements to collect warranty information

  • Recast Management Server
  • One-way traffic from the Recast Management Server to the API over TCP 443 with Allowing this traffic through the firewall allows the proxy account to communicate with our API. Only the Recast Management Server can initiate the network connection. The source and destination servers can then communicate over the established network connection.
  • A Recast Proxy configured for Recast management tasks 
    • The service account requires read-only access in ConfigMgr and datareader access to your ConfigMgr SQL database server. 
    • If your Recast Management Server is installed on a server other than your ConfigMgr SQL database, the proxy account will need to be added to the SMS_SiteSystemToSiteServerConnection_MP_(YourSiteCode) local group on that server. This will allow it to read and write to your inboxes\auth\ to gather warranty data.