Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Right Click Tools have support for Azure or Intune devices?

Right Click Tools can currently only run actions against devices that are located in the ConfigMgr console and are connected to a local network (directly or through VPN) or are connected through a Cloud Management Gateway. We do not currently have support to make changes to AzureAD or to run actions against devices that are only being managed through Azure or Intune.

Currently Microsoft does not allow third party developers to add extensions to the Intune Portal.

Why are my Right Click Tools grayed out?

There are a few things to check when this happens depending on your version of Right Click Tools.

Community Version

  • Verify that you have a file named RecastRCTFree.license in the path C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Licenses This provides licensing information to enable the Community Version of the tools. If the file is missing or corrupt, removing it and reinstalling the Right Click Tools should return it to the appropriate folder.

Enterprise Standalone

  • Verify that your Enterprise License has not expired by checking for your license expiration date.
  • Verify that you have downloaded your newest license file from and your license has been added through the Configure Recast RCT application. If that still doesn't seem to help, you can copy that file directly to C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Licenses and restart the console.

Enterprise with Management Server

  • Verify that your Enterprise License has not expired by checking for your license expiration date.
  • Verify that the user you are logging into the ConfigMgr console has been added as a user or part of a group, and that the user or group has been assigned a role with the appropriate permissions in the Recast Management Server.

In Kiosk Manager, how is the Autologin user stored?

  • The Autologin uses the LSA Secure Store for the password and the registry for the username. This means that the password is encrypted, but because we do need to decrypt the password to use it, we would recommend that the autologin user not be a highly privileged account in your domain environment.

Does the Software Update Deployment Status dashboard work with third-party updates?

  • If your updates have been synched with ConfigMgr, SUDS will show compliance with third party updates. If you are using third party updater that uses its own mechanism to deploy updates, it will not work with SUDS.

Can the Recast Management Server reside on one of my ConfigMgr Servers?

Yes it can. We have designed the Recast Management Server so that it can co-exist on one of your ConfigMgr servers.

Do the Right Click Tools update automatically?

Currently the components that make up Right Click Tools (the Tools themselves, Recast Proxy, Recast Agent, and Recast Management Server) need to be updated manually. You can enable update notifications in either the Configure Recast RCT application or inside the Recast Management Server Settings.

Is there documentation on upgrading Recast Management Server, Right Click Tools, Recast Agent or Recast Proxy?

There is now!

  • For all of the Right Click Tools components (including Management Server, Agent, and proxy), you can install the new version right over the top of the older version. The installer will ask if you would like to upgrade the current version.
  • As an added bonus, when you install Recast Management Server and Recast Proxy on the same computer, they will both be updated if you run the Recast Management Server installer. Other components such as Agent and Right Click Tools (even if installed on the same computer) will need to be updated separately.