Client Actions: Discovery Data Collection Cycle

The Discovery Data Collection Cycle prompts the client to generate a new discovery data record (DDR). when the DDR is processed by the site server, Discovery Data Manager adds or updates resource information from the DDR in the site database.

How it does it

This tool completes this action by using remote WMI.


Navigate to the Discovery Data Collection Cycle Tool by right clicking on a device, selecting Recast RCT > Client Actions > Discovery Data Collection Cycle:

Discovery Data Collection Cycle Navigation


When the action is run, the following dialog box will open:

Discovery Data Collection Cycle ScreenShot

Recast Permissions

ConfigMgr Client
Discovery Data Collection Cycle

Microsoft Workstation Permissions

  • This action requires that the device you're targeting has a working ConfigMgr client installed. Additionally, the user running the ConfigMgr console will need to have administrator access to the remote device, and the remote WMI ports will need to be allowed through the firewall. If the "Ping Computer Before Running Tools" option is set, ICMP Echo will also need to be allowed through the firewall. If using a Recast Management Server with a proxy, the service account will need administrator permissions on the remote device. One way around some of the permissions requirements and firewall rules is installing the recast agent.