Deploy Recast Agents Post Endpoint Insights Installation

Deploy the Recast Agent

  • Open the Configuration Manager Console and navigate to Software Library -> Application Management -> Applications a new application named "RecastAgent" will have been created. 
  • Deploy the Agent as you would any other application.

    The following inventory items will NOT be inventoried until the agent is deployed:

    • EI Application
    • EI LocalGroup
    • EI LocalUser
    • EI Monitor
    • EI Monitor Resolution
    • EI ODBCDrivers
    • EI Share
    • EI User Mapped Drives
    • EI User Mapped Printers
    • EI User Programs
    • EI Database
    • EI SQL
    • EI ODBC
    • EI ODBC User
    • EI Packages
    • EI Share Permissions
    • EI Docking Station

Recast Agents will take time to deploy and report their data back to the ConfigMgr database. By default the hardware inventory cycle can take up to 7 days, shortening the time to install and increasing the frequency of reporting back to ConfigMgr can shorten this time significantly.

Review the Reports

  • Open the ConfigMgr Console, navigate to Monitoring -> Reporting -> Reports -> Endpoint Insights to view the Endpoint Insights Reports.
  • Alternatively, you can also view the reports in SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI Report Server.