Console Tools: Schedule Restart or Shutdown

Creates a scheduled task in Windows Task Scheduler to shutdown or restart the device at the specified time.


Navigate to the Schedule Restart or Shutdown Tool by right clicking on a device, selecting Recast RCT > Console Tools > Schedule Restart or Shutdown:

Schedule Restart or Shutdown Navigation


When the action is run, the following dialog box will open:


The Schedule Restart or Shutdown tool requires the following permissions:

Recast Permissions

  • This action requires the Schedule Shutdown permission in the System Information plugin.

Schedule Restart or Shutdown permission

Microsoft Permissions

  • The action requires local administrator permissions on the remote devices. If using Recast Server with a service account, the service account will need local administrator permissions on the remote device. This action uses remote WMI.

This tool will copy an executable to C:\Windows on remote devices when the "Give user a prompt to cancel" option is selected. Some antivirus vendors may block the execution of this application.