Assign Shift Left Roles

While the ApplicationAdmin role grants access to all Shift Left actions, all other roles limit access to actions, allowing you to specify a set of permissions for individual users or groups.

If a user is assigned a ApplicationAdmin role, Shift Left buttons will appear in the ServiceNow incident form next to the Caller and Configuration item fields. If a user is granted a limited set of roles, they'll only see buttons for actions they can run. If a user isn't assigned any roles, they won't see any Shift Left buttons on incident forms. 

To assign Shift Left roles to users:

1. In ServiceNow, open Organization - Users.

2. Select a user or user group.

3. On the Roles tab, click Edit

4. On the Edit Members page, search for x in the Collection list to view all available Shift Left roles. Shift Left roles all begin with x_471418.

5. Select roles for the user and move each from the Collection to the Roles List by clicking the right-facing arrow.

6. Click Save.

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