All Status Messages

The Status Message Tools allow users to view Status Messages in 24 different console locations.


Navigate to the Status Message Tool for a Task Sequence Deployment by right clicking on an existing Task Sequence Deployment, selecting Recast RCT > Status Message:

Status Message Tool Navigation

All Status Messages

When the action is run, the following dialog box shown below will open. Users are prompted to select a specific day/time to view messages, or they can select a time range (up to 1 year).

Status Message Tool right click screenshot

Viewing Status Messages

After selecting a time range, the tool will display Status Messages. This list can be searched, sorted, filtered, exported, saved, etc.

Status Message Tool ScreenShot


Status Messages can be surfaced using Recast RCT in the following 24 console locations:

  • Administrative User
  • Application
  • Application Node
  • Boot Image
  • Client Settings
  • Collection
  • Content
  • Deployment
  • Device
  • Devices Node
  • Distribution Point
  • Driver Package
  • Image Package
  • OS Images Node
  • OS Install Package
  • Package
  • Package Node
  • Software Update Group
  • Software Update Package
  • Software Updates Node
  • User
  • User Collection
  • User Discovery
  • Users Node