About Endpoint Insights

Access critical endpoint data on user-installed software, device warranty, replacement information, databases, and hardware. Paired with Right Click Tools, Endpoint Insights lets you quickly remediate any identified issues.

  • View all computers, monitors, and docking stations in your environment
  • Better manage your software updates and deployments
  • Access up-to-date information on the users assigned to devices
  • See all software in use in your environment, no matter how it was installed
  • Discover what servers and printers are in your environment and who’s using them
  • Quickly see device warranty status and device age


For prerequisites, see System Requirements.

For information on implementing Endpoints Insights as a standalone application, see Install Endpoint Insights Standalone.

If you plan to use Endpoint Insights to collect warranty information, see Install Endpoint Insights with Recast Management Server.

We recommend following the Endpoint Insights Implementation Workflow.

Warranty Information Collection

Information required to collect warranty data from the manufacturer: Make, BIOS date, Models, Serial Numbers

NOTE: No identifying information such as IP addresses, usernames, or computer names are sent to the Recast API. 

As long as the devices are within Configuration Manager, Endpoint Insights will collect their warranty details even if the manufacturer is not on the supported list. If devices come through our API with vendors that aren't already on the list, we reach out to the vendors directly to get the required information to update our code. 

Where warranty data is unavailable from the manufacturer, Endpoint Insights falls back to the BIOS date.

Webinar Series

To learn more, see our Endpoint Insights Webinar Series: